Feel total weightlessness

In the bath

In the spa

In the pool

You are completely supported with freedom to move your body.Waterproof, durable, comfortable.



NEW Lightweight Organza Floats

Watsu in Ojai sells flotation Collars and Noodles that are made of soft and attractive fabrics unlike any other on the market. Our Collars and Noodles assist in offering the client complete support in the water, allowing the practitioner to work more freely around the body. The floats are filled with tiny waterproof and buoyant Styrofoam pellets that dry quickly. Our noodles and collars are ATTRACTIVE, SAFE, STRONG & DURABLE

The Collars are safe enough to hold and support a person's head so the practitioner can feel free to let go of the head and work the rest of the body. They come in medim and large..

The Noodles are 34" in length, flexible and can bend to help support any size, weight or height person, making it possible for the Practitioner to control and reach all kinds of positions with ease.

Collars and noodles each cost $35 (plus shipping and handling), and come in a variety of colors and patterns that you can mix and match. Choice of fabrics may change according to availability. Please call for current available fabrics.

NEW Style Floats - Made of lightweight organza.
each cost $45 (plus shipping and handling)
The noodle is great for cold days, allowing body to sink under surface.This noodle also allows the knees and legs a little more freedom of movement.
The head pillow is great for the lighter head, and can also be used it as an augmentation to the other pillows if they do not give enough support for the heavy head.

You may now order and pay for your floats online using our easy and secure Paypal shopping cart, where you may use your Paypal account or credit or debit card seamlessly. We ship domestically and internationally, and our very reasonable shipping fees adjust automatically according to your location.

For quatities larger than 12 floats, please contact us before placing an order.

See our choice of fabrics below

Collars now come in LARGE size !


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For more information call
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Cyrena Hausman

Custom and made to order floats for specialized aquatic needs!

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